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Office of Enterprise Financial Support Services

Ensuring that the State of Florida's Accounting and Payroll systems are secure, reliable and performing as needed. Provide timely, effective customer support to resolve problems and provide technical solutions designed to meet business needs through the maintenance of positive relationships with end-users.


 CIO: Charles Ghini
 Deputy Director: Tammy Crumel

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  • Address: Information Systems - FLAIR
    200 East Gaines Street
    Tallahassee, FL 32399-0353
  • Telephone: 850/413-3190 (Helpdesk)


Bureau Chief: Robin Kinsey

Bureau of Accounting Systems Design (Functional)

The Bureau of Accounting Systems Design is comprised of accountants and business analysts who are responsible for the analysis, functional design, quality assurance testing, and implementation, of all the component divisions that comprise FLAIR. Additionally, the bureau works with end-users at the state agencies and the Division of Accounting and Auditing to interpret requirements for functional system modification requests.

Departmental Accounting Manager: Sylvia Bouton

Central Accounting Manager: Jennifer Grant

Bureau Chief: Robin Kinsey

Bureau of Programming Design (Technical)

The Bureau of Programming Design is comprised of computer programmers and analysts whose sole responsibility is the development and maintenance of the FLAIR accounting system. This bureau is responsible for the technical design, programming and implementation of system modifications and development.

Departmental Accounting Manager: Dan Leonard

Central Accounting Manager: Jerry Smith

Information Warehouse Manager: LaQuita Varnado-Extine

Bureau Chief: Ron Ricks

Bureau of Payroll Programming and Development

The Bureau of Payroll Programming and Development is responsible for the development and maintenance of the Payroll processing system.

Functional Manager: Rebekah Wheeler

Technical Manager: Nancy Anderson

Manager: Dana Rupp

Mainframe Systems

Mainframe Systems provides resources needed to support enterprise mainframe applications and the Executive Office of the Governor LAS/PBS system. Staff is responsible for the IBM Zos mainframe and all system software that supports FLAIR.

Manager: Clyde Gaskins

Mainframe Operations

Mainframe Operations provides 24 x 7 x 365 operations to support the day to day operations for the CFO's data center.